In this gallery a large selection of the many pictures published on this website is randomly presented to be watched with ease.

:: Random Gallery


Comparison of different characteristics of many well-known ships effectuated by means of simple algorithms.

:: Propulsive Efficiency

:: Anti-Aircraft Artillery Rating

:: Anti-Ship Artillery Rating

:: Steel Armor Plate Rating

:: Capital Ship Combat Power


This program allows to visually compare the size of some historical warships belonging to diverse categories. Available in both wide and narrow displays.

:: Warship Size Comparator


Even if a direct relation between Gross Register Tonnage (GRT) and Displacement does not exist, a rather educated guess can be made.

:: Gross Register Tonnage (GRT) to Displacement conversion

An estimation of the displacement of any ship can be achieved by evaluating the size and basic form of her underwater section.

:: Displacement computation


An easy way of knowing more about different characteristics of some well-known ships.

Note: this program is slightly unsuitable for your current screen resolution. Note: this program is not very suitable for your current screen resolution. Note: this program is not suitable at all for your current screen resolution. :: Bismarck battleship (1941)

:: Yamato battleship (1945)

:: USS Enterprise aircraft carrier (1969)

:: Iowa versus Yamato

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