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Sakhalia Net Graphics Division

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Sakhalia Net Graphics Division is currently offering services for graphical editing specialized mainly in the field of military, naval and railway technology, albeit other topics might be considered. The Graphics Division has long experience in the manipulation of graphics, specially in the field of technical illustration and schematics/blueprints. The software used is Corel Photo Paint... and so has been since the year 2000! With this software the Graphics Division performs many tasks of very variable complexity, such as background cleaning, color and light adjustment, reworking of subpar quality graphics, reconstruction of missing parts or coloring and shading of line drawings.

The website Military History by Sakhalia Net is visited by particulars and professionals alike. The Graphics Division offers a service suitable for both types of customers. We know that quality graphics of certain elements in the field of old/antique hardware (vehicles, weapons, etcetera...) are often not available through an internet search. Military History and other websites by Sakhalia Net contain many special artworks thanks to the work from the Graphics Division. And currently the skills used for these projects are available to the general public at competitive prices.

Work examples

The following works took from 4 to 12 hours to complete and are the result of blending many techniques together.

Work example: Soleil Royal

The transom of the French ship of the line Royal Soleil is a rework from a contemporary drawing executed by a naval architect. This work features techniques such as background removing, coloring, color and light adjustment and incorporation of elements from external sources.

Work example: Scharnhorst

This illustration of the German battlecruiser Scharnhorst was assembled from diverse sources. The underwater part was imported from a different source and the whole stern part (almost 30 percent of the whole ship's length, which was missing from the original source) was made from scratch by the Graphics Division by using several advanced techniques that achieved a practically perfect result.

The reconstruction was started by placing into the missing area the corresponding line drawings. The aft artillery turrets were achieved by using mirrored copies of their already existing equivalents, but the lighting scheme had to be changed accordingly. By using a clone tool the artist applied the corresponding textures over the line drawings until completing the ship, while creating any necessary light effects and projected shadows. This work was successfully finished with the help of great skill and some documentation.

Work example: Kirov

Pictures broken in two parts are more than often challenging, specially when some negative factors concur. Usually we face the problem of missing information on a more or less wide strip, as well as deformations, shadows and glossiness caused by curvature. The solution is always skill and patience, until obtaining a result that matches as best as possible how the real thing would look like.

Work example: Skoryy Work example: Kashin

A line drawing may look boring, but by adding a few colors and shadows the picture changes radically. This work is very effectist and not as time-consuming as others.

Hiring services

As the Graphics Division is currently starting to operate openly for the general public, the price per hour has been set low: only 6 euros. There is an additional fee of 4 euros for starting a project. This means that you may hire a project now from only 10 euros, while most projects (of a single image) will cost up to 50 euros. After the Graphics Division has accepted to carry out the customer's project, payment shall be made through PayPal and beforehand.

The amount of the payment shall be set depending on the size of the project's budget. If the payment does not fulfill the whole budget, the customer will receive a proof of the work done, after which he can deposit the rest of the payment to obtain the whole work. The customer may effectuate payments through PayPal even if he does not have an account at In the case of dissatisfaction, PayPal grants the customer a period of 180 days during which he can open a dispute and get a refund.

Whether you are a particular or a professional subject, you may request your project by sending a message to the address so the Graphics Division will study the order and Sakhalia Net Project will issue the pertinent information to the customer. Thank you for your interest in our services!

Note: Sakhalia Net Project retains credits for the work done and rights to publish on its own websites any artwork ordered by its customers.

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